The Logger

Eagle’s Vision Property: Discovered by a 40 plus year experienced Woodsman/Logger

The logger: founder of Eagle’s Vision property — started logging 40+ years ago with his father at age of 13

The Logger, is second generation in the logging (forestry) industry. It has been said, and I quote, “The Logger can name the trees in Central NL.” The Logger, and his father before him were extremely interested in the collecting of rocks. At one point the logger had so many rocks that he used them for landfill on his personal property. But it was not until 2014, 13-years after finding the rocks, he decided it was time to evaluate the rocks: his most prized rocks. The rocks were sent to laboratory for testing in 2014, and the test results were positive; Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver, Nickel and Gold.

The Logger, as of 2017 has been registered as a genuine prospector and has purchased 24 claims. The 24 claims the Logger purchased has been attached to the 18 claims – Eagle’s Vision property. His claims are attached to the North, East and South side of the Eagle’s Vision property.