2016 Prospecting

During the 2016 prospecting season I had the pleasure of working with Allan Keats. Al Keats is the great-grandson of Soulis Joe, a renowned prospector. He is part of one of Newfoundland’s largest prospecting family, with approximately 20 members. Soulis Joe’s family has produced 6 generation of active prospectors.

At the 2008 Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention; the Keats and Stares families were the recipients of the 2007 Bill Dennis Prospector of the Year Award.

While prospecting on the Eagle’s Vision property with me, Al discovered a brecciated outcrop.

Prospecting Video

Al discovers the breccia, Al finds a floater that leads him to the breccia.

Al’s Breccia, Al describes the breccia outcrop.

Quick video of red rock that Al uncovered.