2017 by the Numbers, Results and Locations

The First Set of Test Results

018 g/t205 ppm7 ppm6 ppm24 ppm2402 ppm16720 ppm
024 g/t196 ppm7 ppm4 ppm47 ppm2070 ppm20320 ppm
037 g/t188 ppm7 ppm4 ppm32 ppm1760 ppm32800 ppm
044 g/t19 ppm2 ppm2 ppm10 ppm246 ppm1024 ppm
056 g/t246 ppm11 ppm2 ppm19 ppm2968 ppm21700 ppm
065 g/t188 ppm9 ppm2 ppm12 ppm1780 ppm6810 ppm
077 g/t178 ppm3280 ppm704 ppm576 ppm1280 ppm104200 ppm
0821 g/t512 ppm536 ppm1080 ppm366 ppm4010 ppm61880 ppm
094 g/t42 ppm18 ppm17 ppm80 ppm224 ppm11420 ppm
104 g/t38 ppm22 ppm18 ppm128 ppm318 ppm35780 ppm
114 g/t28 ppm37 ppm12 ppm89 ppm254 ppm23700 ppm
126 g/t191 ppm81 ppm42 ppm144 ppm812 ppm41900 ppm
134 g/t228 ppm19 ppm14 ppm121 ppm969 ppm18340 ppm
144 g/t164 ppm3040 ppm56 ppm1320 ppm682 ppm118280 ppm
153 g/t242 ppm1418 ppm74 ppm536 ppm814 ppm120220 ppm
163 g/t406 ppm58 ppm48 ppm144 ppm1440 ppm65280 ppm
172 g/t52 ppm19 ppm6 ppm96 ppm344 ppm18540 ppm
184 g/t508 ppm10 ppm49 ppm192 ppm1520 ppm27900 ppm

Distance Between Locations

SampleDistance (m)
01 to 04/11140m
01 to 13249m
02 to 7/15137m
02 to 10116m
02 to 6/8412m
03 to 6/81795m
03 to 1497m
03 to 9/18297m
04 to 13119m
04 to 1139m
04 to 9/18162m
05 to 9/1898m
06 to 087m
6/8 to 7/15522m
6/8 to 10480m
07 to 152m
07 to 10200m
SampleDistance (m)
08 to 12618m
08 to 012203m
09 to 183m
09 to 13213m
09 to 14243m
10 to 12209m
11 to 17404m
12 to 15/7399m
13 to 14142m
13 to 16190m
14 to 16183m
15 to 012539m
16 to 03259m
17 to 9/18362m
17 to 05297m
18 to 03218m
18 to 16392m