Prospecting Videos

While prospecting in 2016 and 2017 videos were made of the claim. These are various videos made of the property. They give you a view of the property and an impression of some features of the property.

Featured Videos Of The Claim

2018: A mystery outcrop close to Black Beach. Those who have looked at do not know what it is. They look like boiling buble breaks. They remind me of little valcanoes. One theory is that a organizim borrowing into the outcrop when it was sand.

2018: The contact for the Granite and the volcanics. A granite dyke.

2018: Al’s breccia revisited.

2016: Al breaks the breccia, “Look at the Rust”.

When orginally walked over, the area did not seem like much. But Al noticed a rock that looked Brecciated. The overgrowth was pulled off and the bedrock was just like the rock ontop.

2016: Al’s breccia, fragments, mafic rocks.

2017 Videos Of The Claim

North East of the claims. Take a look at the area around Lower Red Beach. Another look at the outcrop.

The Farm, look at the folded outcrops.

2016 Videos Of The Claim

An outcrop with lots of gossen.

Al Keats and Kevin discover visable pyrite chunks in a rock.

This rock is that rock, red contact.

The Logging Road, see what the access road into the site looks like.