Green Stone

A number of our rock samples have green in them. One significant theory is the existance of a Green Stone Belt. When researching Green Stone Belts the majority of the belts are 2.5 to 3.8 billion years. The rocks in the area date to 429 +/- 2 Ma. VMS in Central Newfoundland writes about “Green Stone Belts” in central Newfoundland. Green stone belts of Central Newfoundland tend to date from 541 Ma. This puts the green stone belt of central Newfoundland in the range of our rocks.

The story behind how a Greenstone belts develops. The development of Greenstone belts looks simular to the development of the Iapetus Ocean.

WEBSITE: Mineralization of Greenstone and Mesothermal Deposits

Image below is taken from the Newfoundland and Labrador flyer: “VMS in central Newfoundland”.

Here is the orginal VMS in Central Newfoundland Pdf for your reference. This flyer contains good information regarding VMS in Central Newfoundland.

PDF: VMS in central Newfoundland

Another theory regarding possible green rocks has to do with low-sulfidation deposits. The low-sulfidation deposit has a layer which includes Chlorite-calcite +/- epidote, this also could be a source of our green rocks.

This website explains the process of green stone related to epithermal deposits. Click the link for more information.

WEBSITE: Low Sulphidation Epithermal Deposits