Previous Years Prospecting Work


This year will be the definitive year that should show excellent results. After extensive research, new samples and new exploration based on this research should result in results worth looking at.

2018 saw a return to claim, new areas were examined, the prospecting was expanded. 2018 Prospecting

This was the year where I was added to the team. The top four claims were added to the initial 14 claims bring Eagle's Vision to 18 claims.

2017 Prospecting

Al Keats was brought in to assist in the prospecting of the property. This year 26 samples were taken. 2016 Prospecting

The claims area was adjusted and the start of prospecting in the current area.


In 2014 prospecting was started and recognizance of the area was done. The results showed elevated numbers but not high enough.

The 2014 Results


During 2013 "The Chicken Box" of the best rocks were presented to to the current prospecting license holder. The first of 4 samples were selected and sent off for sampling. The results showed 9.47 g/t and 4.8 g/t Gold present. The first set of claims were staked.

The 2013 Results

LeRiche and Moreau found 12.9 g/t and 8.5 g/t gold in B Horizon soil samples. Bedrock was not reached.
1987 -

After the fire, the trees were salvaged and sent to the local pulp mill. The area was logged by the logger, Bill Pynn. While logging Bill grabbed rock samples he found interesting and different. Many an outcrop were sampled.

1985 -

The area was burned out from a forest fire. After the fire the outcrop were exposed, thus making them easier to sample.