The Farm

As you approach the farm you first go through a small bog. The you step onto the main outcrop, actually the farm is a cluster of outcrops. There are multiple levels and an interesting series of extreme folded outcrops that form an “E” shape. One of the folded outcrop appears to be 90 degrees to the other two folded outcrops. The two outcrops run parallel to the main outcrop with deep valleys between each outcrop.

While exploring the outcrop an interesting vein was discovered with lots of gossen and calcopyrites. As I was sampling vein, calcopyrites and green powder fell from the vein, it was full of green powder, the find was a green monster.

The farm is the home of rocks with green spider veins running through the rock. On a return visit quartz was located on the cap above the vein and while exploring the quartz the eye was discovered.

Prospecting Video

A look at The Farm. See the folded outcrops that extend from the main outcrop.

The first thing discovered as we approached the farm was an angular boulder with quartz on the one side. While exploring under an old stump an interesting area heavily gossened was located. Later while sampling the quartz vien an interesting pocket was discovered.