Black Beach

This year’s visit to black beach saw a uncovering of a new outcrop. This outcrop apears to be a dyke swarm with many dykes across the outcrop.

Again these dykes have a cement look to them. Hard to break.

Close to Black Beach is a mystery. A outcrop that looks like green wartz. Is it posible it’s some kind of Mineralization. To me it looks like frozen bubbling quartz mineral that poped out of a hot outcrop and froze in place perhaps instantly. The outrcop again is hard to break.

A number of experts have looked at these images and looked at the outcrop in person. They do not know what the mysterious spots are. To one expert (University Professor) though they look like some thing burrowed into the outcrop. The geologist did not have an answer as to what they are.

2018: A mysterious outcrop close to Black Beach.